Monday, July 28, 2008

Porsche Covers

By Matthew Keegan

In owning a high quality roadster such as a Porsche Boxster you are making a statement that you value quality, engineering, speed, luxury, and reliability. Few cars can match all that a Boxster does in effectively combining an exhilarating sports car ride with a sensible price. Still, owning any Porsche is an investment and you must take care to protect that investment. A custom fitted car cover is something to consider to properly shield your Porsche.

After spending over sixty thousand dollars for your new Porsche, why is it that the one investment that can save you thousands of dollars is often overlooked? What I am talking about is a Porsche car cover. A car cover is a reasonably priced accessory that should be standard equipment for any vehicle. For only a few hundred dollars a custom fitted car cover will protect your car from:
Damaging rays of the sun. If you leave your car outside for any length of time, the sun’s rays will damage your car’s finish.

Harmful moisture. A high quality car cover will protect your car’s finish from moisture. Acid rain, sleet, snow, and hail can permanently damage your car.

Bird poop. You may not park your car under a tree, but the birds sure are attracted to its shine. Not getting to the poop soon enough can be costly to your paint.

Minor impacts. No, a car cover won’t protect your car in all circumstances, but a high quality cover is designed to absorb small impacts.

Nosey neighbors. You own a Boxster and everyone want to peer in and look at it…rubbing up against your car, scratching the finish, damaging the paint!

Insects. Who wants to see their car become home to every insect imaginable? With a custom fitted cover on your Porsche, bugs won’t zone in on something that isn’t hospitable to them.

Dust, dirt, air pollution. Even garaged cars can be damaged by dust.

You can talk to your local Porsche Auto Repair shop to help you find a good cover. You are going to want one that has a guarantee and some kind of warantee.


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