Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Auto Repair Denver

If you live in the Denver Metro Area and you own a German car, you should get it serviced at Autoworks Colorado. They have the cleanest Denver auto shop in the whole metro area. If you want someone who has years of experience, Autoworks Colorado has mechanics who have been working for over 20 years specializing in import auto repair. The owner Mark Zalmanek, wants to provide a Denver auto repair that is effortless for the car owners. His main goal is to provide quality service at an affordable price. Of all the Denver auto repair shops out there, Autoworks Colorado is honest to their customers.

"We won't fix anything on your import that does not need to be fixed, and we certainly won't work on your car without calling you to update you on your vehicles situation."
- Mark Zalmanek (owner)

Autoworks Colorado is the best Denver auto repair shop in the metro and provides quality service at an affordable price. If you have a porsche, mercedes, bmw, audi or volkswagen you should get it serviced at Autoworks Colorado.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Porsche Covers

By Matthew Keegan

In owning a high quality roadster such as a Porsche Boxster you are making a statement that you value quality, engineering, speed, luxury, and reliability. Few cars can match all that a Boxster does in effectively combining an exhilarating sports car ride with a sensible price. Still, owning any Porsche is an investment and you must take care to protect that investment. A custom fitted car cover is something to consider to properly shield your Porsche.

After spending over sixty thousand dollars for your new Porsche, why is it that the one investment that can save you thousands of dollars is often overlooked? What I am talking about is a Porsche car cover. A car cover is a reasonably priced accessory that should be standard equipment for any vehicle. For only a few hundred dollars a custom fitted car cover will protect your car from:
Damaging rays of the sun. If you leave your car outside for any length of time, the sun’s rays will damage your car’s finish.

Harmful moisture. A high quality car cover will protect your car’s finish from moisture. Acid rain, sleet, snow, and hail can permanently damage your car.

Bird poop. You may not park your car under a tree, but the birds sure are attracted to its shine. Not getting to the poop soon enough can be costly to your paint.

Minor impacts. No, a car cover won’t protect your car in all circumstances, but a high quality cover is designed to absorb small impacts.

Nosey neighbors. You own a Boxster and everyone want to peer in and look at it…rubbing up against your car, scratching the finish, damaging the paint!

Insects. Who wants to see their car become home to every insect imaginable? With a custom fitted cover on your Porsche, bugs won’t zone in on something that isn’t hospitable to them.

Dust, dirt, air pollution. Even garaged cars can be damaged by dust.

You can talk to your local Porsche Auto Repair shop to help you find a good cover. You are going to want one that has a guarantee and some kind of warantee.

Best Porsche Auto Repair in Denver

I have a 911 Carrera S and I am pretty protective when it comes to getting it serviced. I was referred to Autoworks Colorado by a friend who also has a porsche. I was a little hesitant when I took it to get worked on. Once I arrived at the auto repair shop I had a completly different feeling. I could not get over how clean the shop was and I knew my Porsche would be taken care or.

It was totally worth the drive to go to this Littleton Auto Repair shop. I am completely convinced that they give the best Porsche Repair service in Denver. They had my car done the next day and serviced it at a quality price.

Another great thing about Autoworks colorado is they did not work on my car without calling me and telling me what was wrong with my Porsche and what they needed to do to it.

If you are looking for a clean auto repair shop with mechanics you can trust, give them a call or check out their website:

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

How to Choose the right Luxury Car

How do you choose the right luxury car for yourself? I have bought cars, but it seems like picking out the right luxury car makes things a little harder. As a rule, I will be spending more money and will expect more form my purchase. I have done some research and found out there are some things you can do to pick out the luxury car that is right for you.

As with any product, the one that is right for you is the best one. First of all, when buying a luxury car, don’t get in a hurry. B efore you even go any further, though, make sure that a luxury car is definitely what you want. They certainly have their pros and cons like anything else, so just make sure it is what you want to do before you get too deep into things. Take some time, educate yourself, and get opinions from friends and experts on what you are looking for. Next, figure out what kinds of options you want on your new luxury car. Once you know what types of options you want, you can begin to narrow down the selection of brand and model that offers what you need. Do you want GPS in the care because you travel a lot? What about power seats, heated seats, or seats with settings memory? Check the internet as well as car magazine articles to determine what is out there in the way of luxury and which of those things are what you are after in your new luxury car.

Consider the basics as well like keyless remote, dual climate control, and even remote starter for the car. Once you know what you want in terms of characteristics and additives on your luxury car, it is time to start looking into it further.

Research heavily and educate yourself on all of the cars that fit. Brands and models have a great deal of variation in them as well as in their price. Look at body styles, the leg room, and the space and feel of the interior. Be picky; remember that you are buying a luxury car, so it is your right to be as picky as you want. Then, once you have picked out the manufacturer and model, you may want to look into what years were best and examine some consumer reports on how reliable your selection is. You certainly don’t want to go to all the trouble and then buy a lemon. The decision to buy a luxury car is a big one. However, it is an exciting time and demands your full attention. Make sure you get exactly what you want with the exact options you want. A luxury car stops being a luxury if it is not the one you want, exactly. Knowing what you want is half the battle, being curious and questioning, though, is the other half of that battle. Do research, take your time, and before you know it you will be behind the wheel of the luxury car of your dreams.

7 Tips when Purchasing a New Car

While we all like to think we won’t be conned when buying a used car, thousands of people are every single year. The majority of these people have bought their used car from one of the popular free ads papers and have known very little - if anything - about what to look for in a quality car. If you fall into this category, then simply follow the top seven car buying tips outlined below.

First of all, look out for signs that the car may have been involved in a serious accident. Points to watch out for include slight gaps between the body panels and car doors that drop or that fit badly on their hinges.

Always give the gearbox and clutch a thorough test. When doing this, make sure that you have the engine running then press down on the clutch. If there is any change in the sound of the engine then this could indicate the bearings are worn.

The gearstick should move smoothly without any “crunching” sound.

Make sure the brakes are in top order by breaking as firmly as you can without the car skidding. When you start up the car make sure the exhaust fumes are white - any other colour could indicate problems.

Check the panels to make sure there are no lose screws. If there are this could indicate that the odometer has been tampered with and the car has done more mileage than it states.

Finally, always go over the car’s paperwork thoroughly to make sure the history is correct. Generally the more history a car has the better off you are. You also may invest in a vehicle data check, a service which can instantly check your proposed new car’s history, including whether it has ever been stolen or involved in an accident or whether it has any outstanding finance on it etc. This may cost a little money at first but in the long run, it could save you time and future headaches.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Denver Auto Repair

Sweet Auto Repair Website!

Autoworks Colorado just got a new website at and recently opened at a new location. Check out there website and tell us what you think!

VW Englewood Auto Repair

I have been servicing my Volkswagen with Autoworks Colorado for the past 4 years and absolutley love the service they provide. You know you can trust them when you bring in your car. There are never any surprises! They have such a nice shop at their new location on 8110 Shaffer PKWY. They also got a new website at

Friday, July 18, 2008

Littleton Auto Repair

If anyone has an import or 'german car' and you need to have it serviced I would strongly recommend going to Autoworks Colorado. They have a great shop and it is very clean. These guys know their german cars, they have been in the business for 20+ years!

They are very professional and great mechanics. They service all Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, and Volkswagen models. Check ou Denver's best auto repair shop: Autoworks Colorado

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mercedes Benz Lights

Article By: Kalin Staikov

The lights in a Mercedes car like any other car lights are very important. They show you the way and warn others about your actions preventing accidents and keeping things in the safe side. There are many different lights available today - some for general use and some for special purpose.

The primary function of the lights is to provide safety and convenience to the driver. Mercedes made their lights to be one of the most important things in the car. Without the lighting assembly installed a Mercedes is as safe as a blind driver.

Lights give the ability to see during darkness providing a good illumination. If your lights are good enough the dust on the road or the foggy day won't be such a big obstacle. Rain-filled weather conditions will be a piece of cake for you too because even if you feel like swimming in the whole water around you there will still be enough visibility for you keeping you informed about everything that is happening around you.

The Mercedes tail lights are another very important lighting system that is available for you when you drive. They are attached at the front and rear part of your vehicle. They come in pairs - left and right. The signal lights or also called turn lights are usually yellow in colour and they are one pretty important part of the Mercedes tail lights. They are available to indicate if the vehicle is turning and on what direction it will go next. Everyone who is interested in knowing where you will turn will see indication of that before you turn no matter if he is in front of you or on you back.

This simple thing prevents collisions with other cars or accidents with the people walking on the streets. It is good for these lights to be used not only when you make a turn but also when you change lanes because sometimes other drivers will not see you on time especially when you are in the blind zone. It is also considered polite because you provide information on your action and let others know you intentions and the way you will achieve them.

One very important aspect of these tail lights is the emergency condition. I f you push the "hazard" button beneath the dashboard you will activate a simultaneously blinking of both - the left and the right tail lights. This will inform the people around you that you are having troubles with your car. When an emergency instance occurs the people around you should know that you may not have the full control over your car and accident is likely to occur. Warning them with the lights will help them manage the situation and it will safely let you call for help.

On the side view a parking lights are available. They make the vehicle more visible and they are pretty useful when going into intersections or making turns. It allows drivers to see others from greater distances and keep them informed on what is going on around them. This is very important especially in low visibility because of fog, dust and rain or any other thing which could reduce the visibility. On breaking situations the parking lights could also serve as a break lights.
One pretty cool solution for Mercedes lights is called Euro Altezza Lights and it is available for many models. It will add the sporty look to your car and it will enhance the prestige of the vehicle. These are performance tail lights with clear or smoked lens in red or amber colour provided by special lamps.

After you choose these Euro Altezza Lights for your car keep these lights maintained. To benefit from and use the wonderful features of these lights you should insure proper replacement when necessary. You may want to check up with your service provider from time to time to see if everything is fine. This is important because many things on the road could damage or reduce the effectiveness of the lights. For example this could be the dust. Stray objects, snow or rain could become hazardous too. Everything that is interfering with the lights could become a problem. You could not keep all problems away but you could see if you lights need special care after the busy day.

There is also a way available for you to protect you tail lights from all the scratches and damages that could happen on the road. With all the stones and stuff flying around it is impossible for something to not hit your tail lights. The solution for you could be to use a proper protection.
The Mercedes tail lights guard will keep the scratches to their minimum saving you money on replacement parts. This protection unit is usually made by durable steel designed to fit your tail lights perfectly. The easy installation will help you buy it and install it yourself.

This protection will not only help you protect you tail lights. It could add the look you want for you car. Mercedes have that sleek look when you buy it but is it what you want? And what about some cool rugged look to tell the others about you sporty way of living?

The tail lights guard will not reduce the illumination of your lights and it won't help for any dangerous situation to occur and it could be a fine investment. Buy it once and you may not need to wander if you lights are good after a long ride. No matter if you want style for you car or simply some protection the tail lights guard is what you need.

If you are a car style enthusiast you should know that there is nothing cooler than a nice lighting system for the car. It doesn't matter how nice your hood is looking or what a nice wheel rims you have. The lights are what get the attention. This is so even during the day. Just imagine some nice reflection from a car and what it could feel like even in the bright sunny day.

Mercedes Parts

Congrats!! You now own a Mercedes Benz and have joined the special group of the Mercedes owners club. You have come to respect the quality and class of your new car. Because of this respect, you have not desire to replace parts in your car with generic parts. Just because you own a Mercedes however, does not mean you want to spend more tahn you haqve to for authentic parts.

The first place people think to get parts from is the Dealership they purchased their car from. This is a bad idea if you want to save any money. I have had very good luck at a smaller Import Auto repair shop like Autoworks Colorado. Find a smaller shop in your area that doesn't take so much on the part and is more interested in having a relationship with you.

If there is a car club in your area, this can also be a source for information of replacement parts. These people are car enthusiasts and they love to talk to anyone about anything involving their car. Often times people love sharing information because they feel important so don't pass up any opportunity that will end up saving you money.

The next and probably the easiest place to find information is the internet. The internet has so much information, there is a great place to find where to get quality parts for less. Forums and BLOGS are great places to find useful information. My favorite is the Mercedes Benz BLOG & Mercedes Benz Forum. There is so much information and so many people willing to share their knowledge. Also specific sites for Mercedes offer other advantages like pictures of the items you are looking for and nice reviews from previous purchasers. Some of the sites will even have directions regarding how to install the parts as well as removal. If you are purchasing parts, some sites even offer discounts on merchandise or free shipping for your business. Mercedes Benz are great cars and have great parts, the trick is getting your hands on them at a lower cost.

Good luck with your search and if you find any good places, please help others and post on my BLOG.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

2009 BMW 7 Series video

I found this video on the 09' 7 series by BMW. The car hasn't been released yet so I figured you guys would enjoy it if you like BMW's as much as I do! It shows the sleak design along with great pictures of the interior and exterior. Car looks like it handles great and should be a great addition to the 2009 BMW class.

Best Import Auto Repair Denver

By Tim Alexander

I own two Audi's and have always loved the way they drive. One thing I don't like is the Dealership that I buy them from. Their service is terrible and often times my car will stay at their service garage for days. I found Autoworks Colorado in Littleton two years ago and they truely are the best import auto repair in Denver. When I took my wife's A4 to Autoworks, they had it done the next morning and offered to pick my wife up to get her car. Autoworks Colorado offers the most personal service in the auto repair in Denver. I contsantly reffer my friends to Autoworks and hopefully can convince you to visit them. If you are looking for an auto repair shop you can trust and rely on to take care of you precious car, give Autoworks Colorado a call at (303) 932-9990

Audi A4

The new Audi A4 is an impressive performance vehicle, particularly when equipped with the available quattro all-wheel-drive system, and it offers a luxurious interior with superior build quality and materials. Some auto reviews say that the new 08' Audi A4's solid performance and classy exterior design makes it a solid consideration amond upscale midsize sedans.

The A4's major competitor is BMW's 3 series which ranks amongst the highest in this class. Many people can't afford the 3 series and turn to audi's A4 as a substitute. For more on the Audi A4 review visit the full review.

Friday, July 11, 2008

How to Increase you Horsepower

Most people do not understand or realize the amount of power hidden inside their import car. Usually these cars are well tuned "out of the box" but there is still horsepower hidden under the hood you can get out with a little modification.

The first thing you can do is purchase an air intake. There are many different types of air intakes, the best thing is to do a little research online or ask a trusted auto mechanic. There short ram intakes, air cooled boxes, cold air intakes, etc. The most efficient and reliable air intake I thik is the Cold Air Intake. This alone adds about 5-7 horsepower depending on your vehicle. This part usually costs around $200 if you want a decent one. Whatever you do, don't buy into the cheap ones "on sale," you will be quite disappointed.

Now that your car is takin in more air, you also need to allow it to leave your car. Getting headers and exhaust gives you more backflow and increases the amount of air leaving your vehicle. Headers come in many different sizes and shapes. By installing headers you car will gain an additional 5-10 horses. Again make sure you buy quality parts, not cheap junky parts. This will usually run around $350 for strong welds. If you are experienced you can install it youself or have an experienced mechanic install it for you.

Exhaust is another critical part to increase the number of ponies you have under the hood. When purchasing an exhaust, it is very important to buy the whole system, not jus the muffler. This should run you around $500-$750 and will drive your horsepower up another 12 horses. Some good brands for exhaust systems are greddy, borla, and flowmaster. It again can be installed by anyone with car experience.

For just $1500 you can improve you horsepower by about 25-30 horses. This is enough to really notice a difference while you are out on the road.

Auto Parts for Imports

If you want to save a great deal of money you should check out the Auto Parts Place online. I bought parts for my Audi A6 and had them put in with some help from my friends at Autoworks Colorado. I saved on parts by 50% and found a good price on labor. I was surprised that the man working on my car didn't care that I got the parts myself but I guess it just saved him another job. My car was done the next day and I was on the road for half the cost.

Check them out!

Best Import Auto Repair in Denver Metro Area

I recently took my car to the best import auto repair in Denver called Autoworks Colorado. They have the cleanest shop I have ever seen when it comes to auto repair and the technicians are very friendly. Autoworks Colorado is located in Littleton, CO just off of C-470 and Ken Karl. I was sick of taking my mercedes to the dealer, not only because the pricing was so high but the service was not any better.

Autoworks Colorado has the best pricing for the quality of work they provide. Mark has a great shop and I woul recommend him to anyone driving a German Import. The best import auto repair in Denver metro area is definitely Autoworks CO.

Visit his website to find great coupons!