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Deadly 60k Porsche Maintenance

By: Cade Lee

This one can be a killer; my friend has a 2003 Boxter S that he had most recently purchased and had no idea that he was in for$1,295.00 60K maintenance. He called us to see who might be able to help him with his scheduled Porsche repair in Denver and so it started a whole research project for us. The 60,000 mile maintenance for Porsches is definitely one of the largest expenses as far as the maintenance is concerned.

In calling several of the local Porsche repair shops in Denver we learned that you do not need to go to a dealer for this maintenance and that it could be completed by any Porsche technician. The next question was "who was the most qualified and least expensive technician to go to". I started by calling Stevenson Porsche to find out the cost of this scheduled maintenance, and without any delay they were able to give me a price of $1,295.00 (just the cost of a small mortgage). I guess it is important to know that this is definitely the most in-depth service compared to the 15,000 or 30,000 mile maintenances. The 90,000 mile maintenance includes all of the following:

Major maintenance at every 60,000 miles/96,000 km

Diagnosis system: Read out fault memory

Underside of vehicle and engine compartment: Visual inspection for leaks (oils and fluids) and chafing (wires, lines, and hoses)

Coolant hoses: Check condition

Radiator: Visual inspection for external soiling

Coolant: Check level and antifreeze

Particle filter: Replace filter element

Fuel system: Visual inspection for damage, correct routing, and firm seating of the line connections

Power-assisted steering: Check fluid level

Parking brake: Check free play of the parking brake lever

Brake system: Visual inspection of the brake pads and brake discs for signs of wear

Brake hoses and lines: Visual inspection for damage, correct routing and corrosion

Brake fluid: Check level

Clutch: Check play or final position of pedal

Throttle actuation: Check smoothness of operation, full-throttle position with the tester

Steering gear: Visual inspection of the bellows for signs of damage

Tie rod ends: Check play and dust bellows

Axle joints: Check play, visual inspection of the dust bellows for signs of damage, check tightness of screw connections on the suspension adjustment at the front and rear

Drive shafts: Visual inspection of the boots for leaks and signs of damage

Exhaust system: Visual inspection for leaks and signs of damage, check mounts

Tires and spare wheel: Check condition and tire pressure

Door locks, lid locks and safety hook of the front lid: Check to ensure that they are seated firmly and function properly

Safety belts: Check operation and condition

Vehicle lights: Check operation

All headlights: Check setting

Horn: Check operation

Windshield washer, headlight washer: Check fluid level and nozzle settings, make sure to check the antifreeze during winter months

All other electrical equipment as well as indicator and warning lights: Check operation

During road or dynamometer test:Brake pedal and parking brake (also operating travel), engine, clutch, transmission, automatic speed control, steering system, heating, air-conditioning system, and instruments: Check operation

Oils, fluids: Visual inspection for leaks

Replace Polyrib belt

So it is quite intensive and definitely worth the investment as it is strongly recommended by Porsche.

In calling the independent Porsche repair shops we decided to go online and search for "Porsche Repair in Denver", after deciding that Stevenson might be a little on the "high" side.

DART auto Porsche VW Audi Service – www.dart auto.com : Was my first call, I talked with a receptionist who explained that the "Service Writer" was busy and would call me back. I still have not received a call back, when I do I will update this post to let you know the price of the maintenance. Ultimately I did not want to send my friend to a garage that wouldn't even return a call so I continued the search. If you wanted to call this shop you could contact them at (303) 296-1188, I could not locate any information through the Denver BBB for this company, according to the Colorado Secretary of State the company has been in business since 2001. Not much else I could tell you here.

Avalon MotorsportsHere I talked to a fantastic service writer, unfortunately they were not handling Porsche repairs at the time. In maintaining transparency with me, he told me that he simply did not have any technicians that specialized in Porsches there at the time. They are one of the first websites that pulled up on Google, and their website does claim that they handle Porsche Repairs in Denver it must have been a little out of date. Brian the Service Writer referred me to RS Motorsports. He explained to me that if anyone was qualified to handle this kind of service, it would be Brian of RS Motorsports. http://www.avalonmotorsports.com/ (303) 400-3001. Although they were not handling Porsche repairs at the time I would definitely want to go back, seemed like a solid group there.

RS MotorsportsI called Joel at RS Motorsports and was able to reach him right away. He of course knew Brian at Avalon Motorsports and told me that he would be happy to help. I asked him for a price on the 60,000 mile maintenance for my friends Boxter S and he explained that the full service would be $900.00 which was $395.00 less than the dealership. He was right on the money as my call to Stevenson earlier was exactly $1,295.00. According to the Better Business Bureau RS Motorsports, Inc has a BBB rating of A- and has been in business since July 2002. You can see their BBB report here. You can call Joel Stallbaumer at 303-432-8989 or visit their website at http://www.rsmotorsportsco.com/.

Autoworks ColoradoMy last contact was Mark Zalmanek at Autoworks. Like the others he also shows up on the first page of Google for "Porsche Repair in Denver", ultimately he has several reviews which all seemed excellent. In talking with Mark I could hear the experience in his voice as he explained the service to me in detail and explained that the service would be $800.00. Out of all the shops, Autoworks has the highest BBB rating with an "A", you can see their BBB profile here. Also it seemed that he has been in business the longest, according the BBB report Autoworks has been in business since 1994. Reaching Mark was simple, and he was extremely cordial.

Overall it seems that Autoworks Colorado not only had the most competitive price, but the most experience in the business and longevity. Needless to say I recommended that my friend go to Mark Zalmanek at Autoworks Colorado. I will definitely post again and let you know about the experience!

Auto Repair for Beginners

(Source: Ken Marlborough)

I found this article by Ken Marlborough and found it to be quite useful!

As a new owner of a vehicle, you must know about auto repair. This way, when your car breaks down, you what you have to do. Many automobile manufacturers and auto parts dealers provide their customers with tips on how to do basic auto repairs.

It is important that you familiarize yourself first with the parts and systems that make up your automobile. Knowledge about how these parts and systems work, and what their optimal performance levels help you master simple auto repair techniques. If you are aware of how your car functions, you will not have a hard time identifying where a strange sound is coming from and what part of your vehicle is affected.

By knowing the basics, you can perform simple troubleshooting procedures when your car breaks down, instead of sending it to a mechanic right away. You will not have to spend massive amounts of money just to hire a professional for a simple job you can do yourself, such as adjusting a few loose screws or cooling an overheating radiator.

As a beginner in auto repair, you must realize the importance of owning a basic service tool kit. This usually contains wrenches, screws and a jack. If your car stalls on the road, you will most likely need such tools to start it up again. Tools make auto repairs easier because they allow you to troubleshoot hard-to-reach areas.

If you want to learn more about auto repairs for beginners, you can try asking your favorite mechanic for some pointers. You can also try searching the World Wide Web for tips on auto repair. Through a search engine, you can access a wealth of information. Aside from research, you also have the option of signing up for short courses on auto repair.

More Articles like this: Mercedes Light Repair | Changing your Oil | Home

Fixing your BMW Convertible Top

Do you have a BMW convertible and have troubles with your motor? Here is a great video about BMW repair.

For more information on Denver BMW repair, check out Autoworks Colorado.

Autoworks Colorado

Since Autoworks Colorado first opened its doors in 1995 , they have prided themselves in being one of the most highly rated and affordable Denver Auto Repair shops. Their company is owner operated so you are dealing with a local friendly auto repair mechanic station. You will always be able to speak with the mechanic who works on your vehicle or the owner if you have any questions or concerns. Customer Satisfaction and keeping your car running in top condition is the number one priority of Autoworks Colorado.

They service all German and import automobiles and use the latest in automotive technology to service and maintain your vehicle. All of their technicians are highly qualified and ASE certified . They also guarantee to utilize only quality automotive parts unlike other Denver auto repair shops.

Some of the services that Autoworks Colorado include, auto engine diagnostics, transmission , oil changes, tune ups, factory scheduled maintenance, auto engine repair, auto engine misfires, auto check engine light on , auto overheating problems, auto emissions failures, auto drivability issues, brakes, alignments, complete exhaust repairs, tire balancing & rotations, timing belts, waterpumps, auto electrical troubleshooting, doors & windows, ,shocks/struts, A/C work any many more .

They often run repair specials for parts and services. Check out their website to see monthly specials and get your import repair today! Autoworks Colorado

Friday, April 3, 2009

Denver Auto Repair Special - 15% OFF

Autoworks Colorado is offering a Spring discount - 15% OFF on any repairs over $500.00 for new customers on their German vehicle. Autoworks specializes in import auto repair and has been Denver's best German repair shop for the past 20 years!

Present this coupon to receive 15% off at time of service. Offer valid one per customer! For more discount from Autorworks Colorado, check out their specials page on their website: Denver Auto Repair Specials

Monday, February 16, 2009

Denver's Best Auto Repair

Unfortunately vehicles are not as reliable as we would like. Many automobile owners find themselves tunning up their vehicle more frequently and it always seems to be after that warrany runs up. Maybe we do not treat our car with appropriate care they need or maybe car manufacturers are not making as solid cars as they once did. I do know that more car owners today are making repairs to their cars more often than car owners were 20 years ago.

If you happen to be one of these unfortunate automobile owners like most of us living in Denver, there is only one place to get your import repairs; Autoworks Colorado. Autoworks Colorado specializes in all import auto repairs such as all Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche and Volkswagen models.

If you are in need of Denver auto repair they are the experts! They have been working on imports for over 25 years in the Denver metro and have a proven track record. They have a very clean garage in Littleton, CO and have 8 bays to work on your import.

I have found them to be very affordable compared to all of the other auto repair garages in Denver. The owner, Mark Zallmanek is very straightforward and honest. You will not bring your car in for a repair for one thing and pick it up with more repairs completed without a phone call and your approval.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

2010 Porsche 911 GT3

I found this information on the new 2010 Porsche 911 GT3. This car looks sweet and should get Porsche fans excited!

Great news for Porsche’s fans! The new hard-core 911 version of the Porsche’s bolid will arrive at the Geneva Motor Show. As original 911 Turbo debuted 35 years ago, its 256 horsepower was considered staggering. The new 911 GT3 again leaves old 911 in the dust with an un-boosted 435 hp from its 3.8-liter flat-six.

The run to 60 miles now takes a 4.1 seconds. Handling dynamics are also claimed to be improved and the driver now has more control over the stability management system. The electronic stability control and traction control systems can now be individually deactivated, and high-speed behavior is also aided by improved downforce at both ends of the car.
No word yet on when the U.S. will get a shot. The GT3 will land at US dealers in October starting at $112,00.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Audi Repair Manual - Your Necessary Car Repair Tool

(source: Topa Ola)

All audi owners need audi repair manual for all their auto repair and maintenance jobs. Below you can find quality info you need on audi repair manual.

Audi Repair Manual: How Necessary

The usefulness of a fully illustrated audi repair manual cannot be overemphasized. More so if you want to get all your repair works correct and with good success.

Audi repair manual will guide all audi car owners especially Do-It-Yourselfers in a step-by-step fashion to help them do it right.

Audi repair manual provides important specific factory- supplied repair information like torque specification, required repair tools, tightening sequences, safety procedures, etc, which you may not be able to find otherwise.

Audi repair manual provide photographs of specific repair procedures. This makes the manual a "good mechanic" standing by your side while you do your Do-It-Yourself auto repair jobs.

Cut-off repair cost drastically with audi repair manual. You know exactly what is wrong with your car, and how to fix it yourself, no more giving your money to some merciless mechanics who always want to cheat you out of your hard earned money.

With your audi repair manual by your side, you are a qualified self made mechanic.

Types Of Audi Repair Manual.

Though there are many audi repair manuals in the market, for the best do-it-yourself repair results two publishers stand out, they are;

Haynes Audi repair manual. Chilton Audi repair manual

I have tried to analyze and explain them below so that you can pick your choice.

Haynes Audi Repair Manual

Haynes manuals are unique in that each manual has complete explanations, illustrations, photographs of a real tear-down-and-rebuilt of the original vehicle. It is really on the practical side and very good for starters in Do It Yourself auto repair.

The manual also features photographs of specific audi car repair procedures in progress, you will see it as it is happening. Something to pattern your repair work after.

Chilton Audi Repair Manual

This is also good for audi car owners. It gives full description of features of your audi car parts and excellent service recommendations.

It explains in repair details your car systems; exhaust system, fuel system, ignition system, e.t.c.

It also features systematic audi car troubleshooting. You can take a look at these two manuals and get the one that suit your purpose, the one that you can work with

Pick one that gives the best explanations you feels you can understand, the one that speak your
language, and then start working.

Run Your Car on Water-BMW

(Source: Eric Fuller)

A lot of people have been spreading gossip about cars that have been able to run on water. If someone comes up to you and says that BMW, or Honda has or is coming out with a water powered vehicle. They are correct!

BMW has been researching and developing a water car for over thirty years. They will also be spending another 30 years on developing one that will be more affordable. Their cars are super expensive, and this is one of the reasons they have been developing these technologies.

Honda has released a million dollar car to a few lucky testers, however this car has not been released yet to the public.

With $200 today you can do the same with your car. Your car can be just like one of these expensive BMW's or Honda's that are out there burning water and gas.

All you really need is a DIY guide. This is where I come in. I have created a website that lists the BEST and MOST AFFORDABLE water to gas converters on the market. These guides are also very easy to follow and install. You DO NOT have to take it to your nearest mechanic, or auto repair man.

Converting your car to run on water is the best way to defeat gas prices in today's world. The gas prices are not going to get any lower, in fact I have heard that its going to reach somewhere to $6.50/gallon by the end of 2008. If prices get to this rate, soon people will no longer be able to drive their cars.

Its time for you to do something about this, and start saving money today. The reason you are probably reading this is because you are as sick of gas prices as I am, and you want to fight back. There is nothing wrong with fighting back!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Volkswagen Jetta

Announced as a new model for 1980 the Volkswagen Jetta has captivated the car buying public for 28 years. The Jetta, named by Volkswagen after the Jet Stream, is the sedan version of Volkswagen's innovative compact the Golf. The Jetta, developed for the North American market, is an upscale model with nicer interior trim, a trunk, and a slightly higher price than the Golf. Since its debut as a new model, the Jetta has evolved five times, each generation growing in size, power, and prestige. The Jetta is available in two, four, and five door (the Jetta wagon) variations.

The first-generation Jetta, called the A1 and produced from 1980 through 1984, stormed onto the North American market in 1980. It was available as a two-door coupe and four-door sedan. This first Jetta styled by ItalDesign was a marvelously boxy. A standard four-cylinder engine producing 78 horsepower powered the A1 Jetta. The Jetta's power plant was updated to a higher torque producing 1.7-liter four-cylinder in 1981. A diesel version of the engine was offered. Volkswagen also produced a high performance GLI Jetta with a 1.8-liter engine in 1984.
The second generation, and longest running generation of the car, was produced from 1985 through 1992. The A2 was offered as a coupe or a sedan. The A2 Jetta saw a number of exterior, interior, engine, and safety upgrades. A 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine producing originally 100 horsepower and later 105 horsepower powered the base models of the A2. The 1990 Jetta GLI was muscled up with a 2.0-liter, DOHC, 16 valve four-cylinder engine that produced 134 horsepower and firmly established the Jetta GLI as a serious performance contender.

The A3 Jetta debuted for the North American market in 1993. This sexy boxy design was done by Volkswagen in-house and was only offered as a sedan. The A3 Jetta was produced through 1998. This generation of the Jetta produced more trim variations, 13, then any other generation of the car. The A3 Jetta had three power plants offered. The base was 2.0-liter inline four cylinder producing 115 horsepower. The Jetta diesel, TDI, was a 1.9-liter diesel engine rated at 90 horsepower. And the top of the line power plant was the GLX's (replacing the A2's GLI high performance model) VR6 engine which was a SOHC, six-cylinder engine producing 172 horsepower.

The fourth evolution of the VW Jetta, the A4, was produced between 1998 and 2005. It was offered as a sedan and wagon. This Jetta shares its styling with the rest of the Volkswagen marquee and serves as an outstanding example of the trademark. The A4 was offered in a variety of trim variations and buyers had the choice of three different power plants. The first was 2.0-liter, 8 valve, inline four cylinder engine-an update of the A3's. The second was Volkswagen's 1.9 liter TDI diesel engine. The third was an updated VR6.

The A5 Jetta debuted as a new model in 2005. And is still in production. The A5 was restyled and is powered by a 2.5-liter, 20-valve, DOHC, inline 5 cylinder engine based upon the Lamborghini Gallardo's V-10 power plant. This volkswagen engine produces 150 horsepower.

(Source: Mark Castle)