Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mercedes Parts

Congrats!! You now own a Mercedes Benz and have joined the special group of the Mercedes owners club. You have come to respect the quality and class of your new car. Because of this respect, you have not desire to replace parts in your car with generic parts. Just because you own a Mercedes however, does not mean you want to spend more tahn you haqve to for authentic parts.

The first place people think to get parts from is the Dealership they purchased their car from. This is a bad idea if you want to save any money. I have had very good luck at a smaller Import Auto repair shop like Autoworks Colorado. Find a smaller shop in your area that doesn't take so much on the part and is more interested in having a relationship with you.

If there is a car club in your area, this can also be a source for information of replacement parts. These people are car enthusiasts and they love to talk to anyone about anything involving their car. Often times people love sharing information because they feel important so don't pass up any opportunity that will end up saving you money.

The next and probably the easiest place to find information is the internet. The internet has so much information, there is a great place to find where to get quality parts for less. Forums and BLOGS are great places to find useful information. My favorite is the Mercedes Benz BLOG & Mercedes Benz Forum. There is so much information and so many people willing to share their knowledge. Also specific sites for Mercedes offer other advantages like pictures of the items you are looking for and nice reviews from previous purchasers. Some of the sites will even have directions regarding how to install the parts as well as removal. If you are purchasing parts, some sites even offer discounts on merchandise or free shipping for your business. Mercedes Benz are great cars and have great parts, the trick is getting your hands on them at a lower cost.

Good luck with your search and if you find any good places, please help others and post on my BLOG.

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