Thursday, February 5, 2009

Run Your Car on Water-BMW

(Source: Eric Fuller)

A lot of people have been spreading gossip about cars that have been able to run on water. If someone comes up to you and says that BMW, or Honda has or is coming out with a water powered vehicle. They are correct!

BMW has been researching and developing a water car for over thirty years. They will also be spending another 30 years on developing one that will be more affordable. Their cars are super expensive, and this is one of the reasons they have been developing these technologies.

Honda has released a million dollar car to a few lucky testers, however this car has not been released yet to the public.

With $200 today you can do the same with your car. Your car can be just like one of these expensive BMW's or Honda's that are out there burning water and gas.

All you really need is a DIY guide. This is where I come in. I have created a website that lists the BEST and MOST AFFORDABLE water to gas converters on the market. These guides are also very easy to follow and install. You DO NOT have to take it to your nearest mechanic, or auto repair man.

Converting your car to run on water is the best way to defeat gas prices in today's world. The gas prices are not going to get any lower, in fact I have heard that its going to reach somewhere to $6.50/gallon by the end of 2008. If prices get to this rate, soon people will no longer be able to drive their cars.

Its time for you to do something about this, and start saving money today. The reason you are probably reading this is because you are as sick of gas prices as I am, and you want to fight back. There is nothing wrong with fighting back!

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