Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Denver BMW auto repair

There are many Denver auto repair shops looking to get your business but there are only a select few that you want to trust your BMW with. Denver auto repair shops vary in size, experience, and reliablity so you want to make sure that you take your BMW to an auto repair shop that excells at all three categories.

Autoworks Colorado does just that! They have been working on BMW's for 30 years and specialize in German auto repair in Denver. They have a great shop in Littleton and are looking to expand soon.
Here is a picture of their shop, as you can see it is one of the cleanest auto repair shops in Denver!
Autoworks Colorado has 8 bays for any BMW makes and model. One thing I was impressed with was Mark the owner, personally called me and told me he recomended we should replace a water pump at the same time as they were servicing another part on my car. He told me that since everything was out it would be much cheaper to do it now than in 6 months. He also said it didn't have to be done at the time and it was up to me. It would need to be replaced in 6 months so we decided to just do it then. I couldn't believe I got a phone call instead of showing up with a much larger bill without having any knowledge of it. Autoworks Colorado is one of the most reliable denver auto repair shops in the area and I would strongly recommend them to anyone with a german import or BMW.


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